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Yii Development

Yii Web Development

Yii Framework; it stands for “Yes It Is” and it is pronounced as “Yee” or “ii”. Yii is nothing but an open source web application framework, which is object-oriented as well as a component based PHP framework. It is best known for developing web 2.0 applications.

Yii framework has unique features like MVC, DAO/Active Record, i18N/L10N, authentication, scaffolding, caching, testing, roll-based access control and explicitly developed to work with AJAX. Yii Framework comes with secure features like SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting prevention, output filtering, input validation and many more. The MVC followed pattern ensures a clear coding separation of logic and presentation..

Why Yii Web Development?

  • Yii Is Fast: Yii is a faster web development application than many other PHP web applications.
  • Yii Is Secure: In comparison to other PHP web applications Yii is more secure.
  • Web 2.0 applicationsYii is a high performance framework that is best for Web 2.0 applications.
  • Loaded with rich features such as Model-View-Controller (MVC), Database Access Objects (DAO)/ active Record, I18N/L10N, etc.
  • Open Source Yii is an open source PHP based web application.
Yii Web Development
Yii Web Development

Why SnapyCode for Yii Development Service?

We at SnapyCode offer some brilliant services in the section of web development with the help of Yii Framework development. Lots of companies need some special services for their website to make it more attractive, informative and user-friendly. We are glad to offer our Yii Framework development service to them to help them to obtain their desired website. Our rates are affordable and we also provide customized Yii Framework development service for various industries.

Our AI based Yii application offer numerous things like MVC, Access Object, Database access Object and DB migration. Once you download the framework you will start getting all these services. Amar InfoTech based Yii developers feel comfortable while working with various clients as we provide default support of any type of web services like Ajax based widgets, authorization process and having better error handling techniques.

There are remarkable security measures for SQL injection, CSRF and other XSS related. Its advanced technology can help you to develop any type of web application but it is best for designing any social networking site. Our Yii web services are best in the world in present time. You can easily develop unique sites with better security measures tools. Designing with the help of this framework will not cost you more. Its updated features had made this software easy to learn for freshers too.

Our affordable Yii web solutions include the following :

  • Our efficient Yii web application offers several services including Access Object, MVC, Database access Object as well as DB migration.
  • Our team of experienced developers is comfortable and confident in providing web application development service for various business industries.
  • Our work process is absolutely secure and trustworthy. We take special care for the business security of our clients.

Our Yii web development service is a promise to provide you with more than the above-mentioned benefits. The Yii solutions that we develop offer lots of flexibility so that you can have the full control over the features and functionality through the admin panel. Our dedicated Yii developers are available for hire on part time or full time basis.

For more information on the Yii developers, please email us at Alternately you can filling up Request a Quote form.