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CakePHP Development

CakePHP Web Development

CakePHP is a web application framework that is based on PHP. It provides an extensible architecture to the web developers for developing, managing and organizing various applications. It is a favorite framework of most of the developers since it is free, open-source and fast. It helps the web developers and programmers as a structure to create PHP web applications.

Cake PHP supports MVC architecture, which helps web developers to follow a structured development methodology suitable for the achievement of maintenance and scalability. The logical separation of layers is of great help to locate and correct errors and debug thus it web application designing becomes simpler. Cake PHP is PHP / MySQL framework, inspired by the concept of Ruby on Rails application development paid.

Why CakePHP Web Development?

  • CakePHP is an active and developer-friendly development process.
  • This is compatible with PHP 4 and PHP 5.
  • It offers integrated CRUD for various database interactions.
  • Can work with MVC architecture.
  • This web application request dispatcher with custom-made URLs and routes.
  • Allows the developers to have a fast and flexible template.
  • This web application framework views helpers for JavaScript, AJAX, HTML Forms and others.
  • It also has Cookie, Email, Request Handling, Security as well as Session Components.
  • It has the great feature of Data Sanitization.
  • CakePHP has the capability to work from any website directory, with little or zero Apache configuration involved.
CakePHP Web Development
CakePHP Web Development

Why SnapyCode for CakePHP Development Service?

We, at SnapyCode, are offering superior quality Cake PHP web application development solutions. We possess a talented team of Cake PHP developers and programmers who are well versed with this framework. Our team is highly committed to provide you optimum solutions within the set time frame as well as works with close co-operation with the clients.

Our company has a team of skilled CakePHP developers who are capable of utilizing features of this structured framework and develop marvelous websites without any loss to flexibility. Being an offshore development company in India, we serve you with robust CakePHP development solutions at economical rates. Our experienced developers are always up to date with the latest versions of this open source framework and possess the skills to deploy them in your web applications without hindering functionality of the applications.

Our affordable CakePHP web solutions include the following :

  • CakePHP Web Application Development.
  • CakePHP consulting.
  • Hire dedicated CakePHP Developers.
  • Custom module development using CakePHP.
  • CakePHP maintenance and support.
  • eCommerce module development and implementation.
  • CMS design and implementation.
  • Custom Portal Development.
  • CakePHP Ajax based Shopping Cart.
  • Extensions development with CakePHP.

Our CakePHP web development service is a promise to provide you with more than the above-mentioned benefits. The CakePHP solutions that we develop offer lots of flexibility so that you can have the full control over the features and functionality through the admin panel. Our dedicated CakePHP developers are available for hire on part time or full time basis.

For more information on the CakePHP developers, please email us at Alternately you can filling up Request a Quote form.