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  • Joomla 2ndtext

    Joomla 2ndtext

    Joomla website of books listing for students. Joomla custom template development and joomla custom module developed.

  • Drupal Insideview

    Drupal Insideview

    Drupal 7.x build website to provide CRM intelligence information. We develop drupal custom theme & custom modules.

  • Joomla Aquaphoto

    Joomla Aquaphoto

    Joomla website for photographic equipment listing selling. Joomla template development and virtumart customization.

  • Wordpress ideal analytics

    Wordpress ideal analytics

    This is wordpress site for ideal-analytics.We develop wordpress custom theme and custom plugins.

  • Joomla HIC

    Joomla HIC

    Joomla website for household product listing. Joomla template development and custom joomla module development.

  • Wordpress Red Hot Entertainment

    Wordpress Red Hot Entertainment

    This is a wordpress site for Red Hot Entertainment. We develop wordpress custom theme and custom plugins.

  • Drupal Holiday Bhutan

    Drupal Holiday Bhutan

    This is a drupal site for Beautiful Bhutan tours and travels. We develop drupal custom theme & custom module.

  • Magento buyslipper

    Magento buyslipper

    This is a magento site which sells branded slippers and shoes. We develop magento custom theme.